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My aim is to help you in all aspects of life, to facilitate progression, freedom and spiritual insight into the true meaning of life.  Knowledge leads to wisdom, Wisdom sets your mind free.



Many of us want to learn about this life and the world beyond through Spiritual philosophy and practices. We come into this world with our nature ready to take a journey of learning, yet without realizing we are  becoming teachers. This can cause confusion, emotional pain and a sense of feeling lost and lonely.  As human beings we don't always know

who we are,  where we have come

from and  where we are going to, but

with support and guidance we can

find our way. Over the last 30 years,

learning and teaching,  I could see a

need for a community for people to

feel part of something that aids with

their own  personal progression, as

having  good people around you

supports the mind and gives

wonderful direction in life, after all

we all have experiences that we can

share to guide others.  I hold regular

gatherings for the forever growing 

community, full of beautiful souls. 


You are welcome to come along and feel uplifted, and be part of a warm loving family. For more information please contact me,

Tracy xxx

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Thank you Indigenous Enterprises (Kenneth Shirley and Perry Shirley from the Navajo nations, incredible evening of wisdom, knowledge and The spirit dance.


 Thank you everyone for your support xx

Travelling Light: Glimpses of Modern Day Initiation by Andreas Mavromatis 

Author: Andreas Mavromatis
Format: Paperback   Size : 220mm x 148mm               
Pages : 404
ISBN: 9780955305207

This is the only published work dealing with the subject of Initiation in the Ancient Greek Mystical Tradition in a modern context embracing connections with Egyptian and eastern traditions. It is a narrative record documenting an individual case, detailing the ups and downs, the shocks, fears, disillusionments and desperations as well as the elations experienced on this journey led and guided by an incisive and inspirational Greek shaman-mystic.

The whole process unfolds organically, revealing how general rules are ‘adapted to fit the individual’s personality and aptitude and how the person involved is allowed to grow within the system - often in leaps and bounds and repetitions.

Being a primarily Greek approach, the procedure is one of engaging the whole person  cultivating and promoting both intellectual doubt and intuitive certainty, guiding and challenging ‘mind and ‘spirit' leading gradually from the former to the latter.

This journey takes us into areas of crucial interest to all human beings and presents experiences that cast penetrating light on such fundamental concerns as the status of consciousness, space and time, the real nature of sex, the meaning and experience of ‘assimilating other people’s psychological identities (including ‘past lives and offers insights into the nature of reality and the function of memory in regards to truth.

Notwithstanding the seriousness of its subject matter, the book is written with a great sense of humour, inviting the reader to participate and enjoy the author’s journey. An Appendix contains useful and exciting exercises.


UK Postage only

email: tracyantoniou@gmail.com for purchase information

Andreas Mavromatis - The Spiritual Evolution Group - Fortnightly

Andreas Mavromatis has read Philosophy and Psychology, obtaining his Doctorate at Brunel University. He has written articles and books on Psychology and Altered States of Consciousness and contributed at International Symposia. He pioneered publicly funded classes in Parapsychology and the Paranormal at London Colleges and Institutes and has been the subject of interviews on radio and television here and abroad. He first coined the term Hypnagogia in his book of the same title, which has become a seminal work on the subject. His second book, Travelling Light, deals with psychic and spiritual matters.


Andreas is running a free 'Spiritual Evolution Group' which is held fortnightly on Mondays at 7.30pm at various home locations.

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