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My aim is to help you in all aspects of life, to facilitate progression, freedom and spiritual insight into the true meaning of life.  Knowledge leads to wisdom, Wisdom sets your mind free.



Many of us want to learn about this life and the world beyond through Spiritual philosophy and practices. We come into this world with our nature ready to take a journey of learning, yet without realizing we are  becoming teachers. This can cause confusion, emotional pain and a sense of feeling lost and lonely.  As human beings we don't always know

who we are,  where we have come

from and  where we are going to, but

with support and guidance we can

find our way. Over the last 30 years,

learning and teaching,  I could see a

need for a community for people to

feel part of something that aids with

their own  personal progression, as

having  good people around you

supports the mind and gives

wonderful direction in life, after all

we all have experiences that we can

share to guide others.  I hold regular

gatherings for the forever growing 

community, full of beautiful souls. 


You are welcome to come along and feel uplifted, and be part of a warm loving family. For more information please contact me,

Tracy xxx

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