Channelled Messages

Joseph: your prayers are priceless in this battle of good against evil


Channeled by Joan
























When you pray, it must be from the heart.  That is when it reaches the angels.

We hear from ex-slave Abraham, channeled by Joan, 8.3.16


God bless you.  As you know, I am Julia and Gabrielle is by my side.  I’m smiling because of the ray of sunshine that shines upon us every time he comes and, of course, I’m talking of Abraham.  So we will stand aside for the moment and let him through.


                                                                                 *    *    *    *    *

Oh, God bless you.  God bless you.  I come with such love for you, for all of the world, everybody.  I am so happy.  Because I am so happy, I want to give this happiness to you.  I know that many of you are going through such trials in your earth lives and some of you are unable to cope as well as others.  Some are in wheelchairs, some are unwell in hospital, fighting for life, but what I want to do today is to bring joy into your life.  I want to bring upliftment because love has golden threads.  What I want to do is to sew a golden thread of love around each one of you.  Oh children - I call you children because there is so much for you to learn.  You are learning as you are going through so many lessons.  Some of you find them very hard but if you would open yourselves up and pray, asking The Great Father for help to overcome, to have strength, to help you…. you know, help will be given.  It will be given in armfuls.  So, I say to all of you, have faith, have trust.  These are the golden stones of brightness and I assure you that if you can develop faith within you and trust, asking for help to have faith and trust, help will be given.  Because you have such faith and trust, the way will be swept before you and all will be bright.  You will find an upliftment of your soul, so pray. 


Prayer is so important because it is full of golden beams.  When you pray with your heart, that is when your prayer rises up.  That is when the prayer will reach the angels.  It must be from the heart. 


I also want to ask you not to be resentful.  Resentfulness means that you send out low vibrations and this doesn’t become you because you are Spirit, divine Spirit.  If, for instance, someone annoys you or is unkind to you, send out a word for The Father to forgive them for, as Jesus said once, they do not know what they do.  If people send out thoughts to hurt you, I can assure you that God knows.  He knows and He is waiting then for your response.  So your response, beloved children of the earth, is to say that they know not what they do.  But you do.  You hear these hurtful remarks and resentment could build up inside of you.  I say to all of you, let it all go.  It is not important.  Nothing is important in this life as you are here not only to learn lessons but to walk the upward path towards our beloved Jesus and through Him, to the God that is within you.  Just think what that means, the God within you,  this beautiful, beautiful bright Light and there it shines daily upon you.  It gives you such power. Don’t you see, you can’t miss out on that.  Come to know it by prayer, quietude, even solitude if that is possible.  Do you realise that this golden, golden Light, the sun that is within you, the higher self which is so, so beautiful – that is the path you are walking. You are going slowly through your lessons upward towards the glorious, glorious sun that is the beautiful higher self. 


I have joy within me.  I have happiness within me as, as I have said before, when I was on earth I had to have faith and trust because of the things that were happening to me.  It was only because of my mother’s teachings – I say ‘mother’ but on earth I called her ‘Mama’.  My Mama was a wonderful, spiritual woman and she taught me how to love those who were against me.  She taught me not to have resentment and to lift myself up to the glory of the golden sun so that I could be cleansed, so that I could go through another day.  Because of that, I went through my earth life suffering but I developed a deep faith and a deep trust knowing that what I asked for would be, and will be.  That is why today I am bringing these words to you.  I am saying to you – do you want to be happy?  Do you want to be joyous?  I know that this is difficult on earth, I do understand, because you are going through the cleansing change over the world and you are affected by this.  But with faith and trust – ask The Father for help to go through these changes.  Ask Him to be with you, to help you and let your golden Light shine through and to go out to others, too, who are struggling.  We are with you because we love you and we want to lift you to a higher plane of thought.  To do that, you pray:  ‘Father, lead me please.  Help me to overcome the lower side.  Help me to understand my fellow man.  Help me to overcome jealousy, resentment and all the lower things of the earth life’ and you know, you will be helped. 


Oh glory, glory, glory to all of you that I may give my Light and my love to all of you because you are loved.  Each one is loved more than you can imagine.  We treasure you because you come to earth to learn.  You come to earth to walk the path upward, upward, to where you belong, to the golden sun that awaits you.  So have heart, my beloved children, have heart.  I, Abraham, know your suffering.  I understand it.  Do what I ask, please.  Do what I ask.  Be quiet.  Be still.  Lift yourselves up.  See the Light around you and ask The Great Father for help, help with your problems, help with any disability of the body, help to cope with it, help to accept and above all, help to love The Father, to love Him with all your heart and with all your soul.  That is what I want you to do.  I leave you now with the blessings of the most high.  I am so happy that you have received me.  Please, please remember what I have said and when my words go out, remember it is I, Abraham, that has come this day to help you, lift you and to ask you not to despair for we are with you.  God walks with you.  He walks within you.   Remember that.  So I say now God bless you and may the love that I give you remain in your hearts.  Amen.


                                                                                 *    *    *    *    *


Julia:  there is nothing for us to add so Gabrielle and I, Julia, we say God bless you. Walk the path.  Walk the path as it goes upward.  God bless you.





Tuesday 24th November, 2015

Beloved children of the earth, I am Joseph.  I have not spoken for some time but today I come with God’s blessing and thankfulness and to those who have been sending prayers and love, I want you to know that all the wonderful vibrations that have come to us from all over the world have been gathered.  The vibrations have been gathered as in the gathering of wheat, the gathering of the power, the love, by the Light Workers.  Please continue with your prayers and with your love because we are fighting on the lower planes, good against evil.  Your prayers go upward and are gathered together to form apowerful force.  Can you not imagine this wonderful power that goes to the Light Workers, can you not see them with their hands up?  With the power that you give them, they are sending back the darker levels of life.  This is what I wanted you to know today, that you are doing something priceless, something wonderful because from all over the world you have sent love.  Please keep on sending your prayers and love so that they may rise up for us to gather the energy that you send.  It will go upward and then be sent down into the earth plane.  I assure you that nothing can overcome the power of love. 


Today, I wish to enlighten you as to what you are doing and why you are doing it.  You are sending your love and prayers so that the dark forces can be pushed away, pushed away in Spirit, because, remember, these very low entities are trying their best to govern the world.  We won’t allow that, not when we have the help and the love of those now in the world sending out prayers.   Say ‘God help us, help us to send out power and love’ and as you pray, remember also to go inward, sit quietly.  As you pray, so the great Light rises up and we gather it.  If all of you continue to do this, imagine the power of the Light.  It is with this power that we are able to push back and push back the darker forces until we have indeed eliminated their power. 


Children, this is a momentous time in the earth’s history and we have said before that the rolling conditions built up over eons of time, century after century of evil, bad thoughts, violence, cruelty, atrocities – they have built up this dark force, the lower energies.  Can you see how the weaker people have been used?  That is  what I call ‘the black army’ is upon the earth.  This force has built up over eons of time and has become able to enroll people to its service – people with weaker minds, people who are selfish, people who have no regard for others.  They are wonderful choices to be brought together into a unit where they can be indoctrinated into this dark force.  You see, what you are doing is Light against dark so if you can remember that, let yourself go, put yourself to one side now because this is the most important time for life upon earth.  Remember that although you go through your days doing this and that, during the day you must also send out loving thoughts to go upward and pray, pray, pray.  Pray with all your hearts and souls and let those vibrations go up and up. 


It pleases us in Spirit that we can see the surge of love that has come from the planet earth.  It has opened the minds of many, many people. Every person must remember that they are Spirit and that the body that they use is just a shell for the spirit to live in.  So remember always to think in a spiritual way.  You have your personality – look at it and examine what within it needs to be changed.  Talk to it as thought it is a separate person and discuss what needs to be changed as every one needs to change attitudes, emotions and thoughts.  Your thoughts tally with your emotions so at the end of the day, just spend time examining your day.  What have you done, what have your thoughts been?  It you know you have hurt someone, contact them and make things right.  Look at your day and your emotions.  Please do this, looking inward within yourself.  It is not a big job, you know.  It is just a matter of finding a little time. 


I can assure you that the Christ Light burns brightly.  It shines upon the earth plane helping those who are desirous of a better world, for the Light Workers upon the planet and in Spirit, for the organizations that are working for mankind.  So much work is done in Spirit and if you sit quietly often, daily, you will find that your mind will be lifted up and up and up until you feel the glory of The Great, Great Spirit within you.  Oh, children, children of the Light, isn’t that worth spending time for?  We are helping you in every  way in Spirit.  We send out love, we lift you and we encourage you.  We ask you to keep your courage.  You have the Archangels to help you.  You have only to call upon them.  They are able to go in many directions as they are Archangels and they can do many things in many places many times.  So today, this is all I wish to say.  Mymessage is for you please, please to keep praying, sending love and remembering what you are doing this for – to build up the Light.  By building up the Light, the dark forces have to draw away.  So, beloved children of the earth, this is what we say today.  Lift your hearts, walk with courage and pray with all your heart and all your soul.  We will be there to help you.  In the name of The Father, of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, I end my loving prayer this day.  God bless you. 


*    *    *    *    *


Joseph came with a glorious Light giving love, sending out Light from the Sanctuary.  It goes up and far, far away for the Light of the Sanctuary is important, you see, not only this Sanctuary but other Sanctuaries that are doing their work, sending out Light.  This what is happening all the time. Because Joseph has brought with him the power of love and the power given to him by the higher sources of Spirit life, I can assure you that a beautiful beam of Light goes up and out with great blessings for all, blessings to those who come to the Sanctuary to be healed today.  May the healers be blessed with the love of Christ.  We come with love to bless you and lift you and may God bless you, from Julia and Gabrielle this day.  God bless you.