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MEDITATION IS WHEREVER YOUR MIND GOES - Wherever your mind goes you are meditating on that . Whatever you meditate on you become .


MEDITATION IS OF THREE TYPES - Habitual meditation , Natural meditation  and Conscious meditation.


MEDITATION IS ESSENTIALLY - Going within and brings Self Knowledge.


ARE YOU INTERESTED IN MEDITATION - I am interested in bringing together people who would like to learn to meditate, or who already meditate. I have been a student of meditation for the past 45 years and would like to share with others what is possible through meditation.





























According to Henckel...


Meditation is necessary to go behind the mind's activity into the Silent Self, where pure Awareness resides in pure Existence.....Total Oneness.


MEDITATION is where ever your mind goes.My name is Wendell Henckel, and I have been studying, teaching and practicing Meditation for the past 50 years. I foundednd ran it for 16 years. Now I would like to share my Knowledge and practices on Meditation with others to stimulate its growth and understanding, so that many more may enjoy what I discovered about my Self, through the practice of Meditation.


Henckel is running a weekly meditation group on Tuesdays at the Hut - 7.15pm to 9pm sharp.


To cover the venue booking, the cost for this will be: Each session £5.


Contact Tracy for more details.


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