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Within our community we have a variety of professional, qualified therapists. Whether you are looking for a complementary, alternative, holistic or remedial therapy, you can rest assured that all of our therapists are certified and insured and have excellent reputations and expertise in their fields.  


By mentioning 'The Foundation' our therapists will offer a discount for their specialised services.

Tracy Antoniou - Spiritual Healer / Teacher

My 25 years experience has allowed me to gain extensive knowledge in the field of spirituality and spiritual abilities.  My teachings are given in a light hearted manner.  I am also a practising spiritual healer and pleased to say the results have been truly beneficial for the people that have come to see me.  I choose to work on a donation basis.  For more information on my regular workshops and spiritual healing please contact me.

Rita Maniatis - Reiki/On-Site Chair Massage 

We are all seeking to feel better, we do things in life in order to feel happy and to feel we are achieving. When we are out of harmony we struggle.  Healing modalies are essential to reconnect and rebalance ourselves naturally.

Contact Rita for more information.

Henckel -
Mindful Meditation Teacher & Causal Release Therapist

Henckel teaches a unique style of meditation which allows Self knowledge to be obtained.  He teaches weekly at The Hut - Whetstone, to a dedicated group. Also Henckel provides a treatment called Causal Release Therapy.  Contact him for more details

Lina Ramchand - Indian Head Masseuse / Reflexologist

I specialise in Reflexology (specialised massage of  feet) and Indian Head Massage (which involves massage on upper back and arms, neck, head and face) both treatments are very therapeutic.  Please do contact me for further information.

Christine - 
(Picard Therapies) -Therapist/Healer

I am registered with the federation holistic therapist I become a Reiki in July 2007 and after I finish my Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Aromatherapy massage. I have been giving Reflexology and Reikyto elderly people who have different health condition: strokes; diabetes; cancer and dementia.  I also do Spiritual Healing how I channel the energies through grounding and attunement. I choose to work on donation basis for Spiritual Healing.

Contact Picardtherapies for more information.






Whilst we recommend our therapists personally, we do not take responsibility for their treatment as they are independant therapists insured and qualified.


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