Candlelit Gong Bath Relaxation & Meditation - Every 4th Thursday of each month 7:00PM - 8:30PM (

  • Each 4th Thursday at 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

  • Rathbone Allotments, Ryalls Court, Oakleigh Rd North, Whetstone N20 0RY

  • Hosted by Nick Stolerman

I'm delighted to be doing another gong bath relaxation and meditation session in this fantastic venue. This time, in addition to the gong bath and meditation, Nick will include a guided visualisation and essential oils to take you on a magical journey. You need no experience whatsoever, all you have to do is sit or lay down and let the sounds wash over you. The gong not only has a mesmerising sound, it has also been shown to have therapeutic value: to detoxify, reduce blood pressure, relieve stress and stimulate the immune system. We provide blankets and mats, but please bring a cushion or other support if you need it to sit and lay down comfortably for an hour. You can also sit in a chair throughout. Arrive 5 to 10 minutes early to settle in. TICKETS £10 Contact Tracy on 07718 719 081 Numbers are limited, booking in advance is essential. I am delighted to be offering this as part of a series of events run by The Way of Life Foundation. To find out more, go to SELF CARE Although we have never come across any health issues, if you are in the first three months of pregnancy, it is advisable not to do any type of yoga or gong meditation. If you wear hearing aids, it is best to remove them so you experience the gong directly, not amplified in any way. While the sound is not particularly loud, if you have a sound sensitive condition such as epilepsy, or wear a pacemaker, then a gong bath might not be for you. If you would like to discuss anything about the session, please contact Nick on 0787 966 6921


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