Spiritual Healing Sessions

Energy and Spiritual Healing Sessions

September 03, 2019

We are now offering 'Energy and Spiritual Healing' 30 minute sessions minimum donation £8.  Sessions are held in a private and tranquil space, for you to relax and receive your treatment, by either Tracy Antoniou or Rita Maniatis.

Spiritual healing is a holistic approach to restoring mind, body and spirit to its natural state of well being.  Of course, we have many factors to contend with but with support and a willingness to accept healing when needed, can be hugely beneficial for coping with daily life. The journey is about developing oneself and facing the challenges we encounter along the way.  How we walk the journey of life, can determine the positive and negative aspects within oneselves.  Positive and negative influences are forever presented to us on our journey.  Yet, with knowledge and deeper understanding, we can learn to combat the negative influences to sustain ourselves in the world.  

SPIRITUAL HEALING IMPROVES HEALTH By Sandy Edwards. Led by the prestigious University of Birmingham in the UK, a new study proving there are positive health benefits from spiritual healing is now being suppressed by medical journals and ignored by the mainstream media due to spiritual healing being classified as a complementary therapy.  Spiritual healer - Sandy Edwards instigated the study, which was funded with a £205,000 grant from the National Lottery. She described the study as "the largest clinical trial of healing in the world."  

We work on a minimum donation of £8.  

Please contact either Tracy 07718719081 or Rita on 07771331089 to enquire for session times or for further information.  

Thank you xx

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