Help is Here

Tracy Antoniou, founder


My aim is to help you in all aspects of life, to facilitate progression, freedom and spiritual insight into the true meaning of life. For many people life can be happy, peaceful, rewarding and spiritually uplifting, but unfortunately there are probably more of us that will be faced with other situations that leave us mentally exhausted, emotionally distressed, physically unwell and spiritually separated.


This is when help is needed; somewhere to turn to, even just simple guidance on every-day matters. Having someone put a little light on the subject can give great relief, as is the ability to share thoughts without fear of being judged. Some people need healing and spiritual guidance due to stress, illness and negative influences. Some wish to learn about spiritual philosophy, and some already have their belief and faith and wish to progress and maybe become teachers or healers or to become ambassadors for the higher realms.


The aim is to remind you who you are, with a spiritual approach to all guidance, teachings, workshops and training as this awareness is most important to mastering yourself and your gifts. Having knowledge and wisdom is the greatest key to unlocking your mind and being all that you can be, so that we have the chance to walk in the footsteps of the Masters.


Please contact me for any requests for information of services we offer for childrens spiritual growth. Or leave a message on the below forum please and I will answer any questions you have.