Understanding Your Psychic Super Self

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What is Psychic?: 









In clear communication with the children, you opinions do not matter. Your interpretations are just that, interpretations. Please understand that to see something clearly is the gift, your interpretation of that can muddy the experience and your judgment of what is received can add detrimental energy to the mix. Please just notice what you notice. It is not good or bad, it is simply information. The more you can be in clarity and out of judgment the more precise your connection will be and the deeper the children will go in their communication with you!


Connecting to the People: A Basic Beginning!


  • Clear your energy field

  • Center yourself with your breath

  • Question to ask “Is there something that you would like to share with me about (this subject?”

  • Notice what you notice, but do not interpret it. The minute you interpret, you stop the flow of energy.

  • Statement: “I notice (this)…… Questions: “Is there some clarification that you would like to offer?”

  • Again notice what you notice.

  • Question “Is there anything else you would like me to know/do to support what I have noticed.”  Many of you will find you are also wonderful “movers of energy” here. You will also notice that simply seeing/hearing/ sensing something will cause the energy of it to change! Thus the intention “Don’t show me anything that I cannot positively impact!

  • Continue until you feel the information is complete.

















Natural Healer - A Gift Of Healing

Taught by Angels


When Haley was five, she began telling her parents about the angels she was seeing and hearing. She told them that she mostly worked with the Archangel of Physical Healing, Raphael. Haley said that the Knowledge Angel and the Love Angel taught her, too. Haley’s mother, Carolyn, says: “I love it when Haley places her hands on my shoulders, gently presses down on them, and I become calmer. Once during a ceremony we were holding, Haley got up, took the Tibetan singing bowl, and moved it over the tops of our heads. Then she came back and used her hands to open the top of our crown chakra. She did this so knowingly. She’d never done anything like this before, yet it felt so right and it was done with such gentleness, love, and compassion.”













I Have A Feeling:


Many children can see the beauty and love in the world in and in other people. An example is 12-year-old Kayla Davis who has been speaking about profound insights since she could first speak. Now, she writes inspirational blogs for children and adults on her Instagram and Facebook pages called Kayla’s Kidspirations.  She calls the posts "kidspirations" because she wants to inspire other kids. Her posts are usually accompanied by her nature photography, which is also profound.  















Psychic Defender:

Its like jumping between two worlds!


The concept of a child having psychic communication between family members or others can be extremely upsetting and even frightening. For a child, “knowing” something that he thinks he shouldn’t know can be confusing and unsettling. For a parent, it can be intimidating, frightening or even go against family or religious beliefs. It can also create strain between a parent who believes and accepts the phenomena, and the other parent or a family member who resents it and is unconvinced of the experiences. For the child, such conflict can create confusion over their abilities, result in suppressing talk about them, and inner turmoil. Dr. Drewes is a consultant for the Parapsychology Foundation in New York and helps parents and children talk about and understand their experiences. She frequently receives phone calls from parents about their children’s psychic experiences and offers support on how best to adjust to the experience and respond to their child. Connie, in a recent conversation, commented on how she as a child had various psychic experiences, and now her daughter, age three, was showing similar signs. “My family thought I was strange and even a bit crazy. They were not truly supportive and even laughed at me. I know I am not a freak. And my psychic experiences have often been helpful to me in many ways. I don’t want my daughter to suffer what I went through, or feel desperate and confused because peers or adults do not believe her or tease her.”




































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