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  • Increase productivity and performance?

  • Decrease absenteeism in the workplace due to stress-related illnesses?

  • Boost staff wellbeing?

  • Provide a happier working environment?


Our programmes are becoming more popular in the work environment and we guarantee excellent service which is tailored to your needs, your people and your budget, offering effective and affordable solutions for workplace health.


We can cater for all size companies, no matter how many or how few employees you have. 


Stress is a common factor of modern life and is something that everyone experiences. Many medical conditions are stress-related and result in a high percentage of absenteeism in the workplace, which in turn costs employers a considerable amount of money. More importance is now being placed on being able to handle stress in order to improve health.


Whether you require on site massage, indian head massage, reflexology, or any other on-site therapy or a combination of any of these therapies, 25 or more minutes per person; one practitioner on site or ten; every day, every month or on a ad hoc basis depending on your requirements.  The experienced practitioners have the flexibility to tailor our service exactly for your requirements within the workplace.


“What's happening with well-being at work?


All businesses seek to be in a healthy state. If their employees are in a good state of health and well-being, this must surely contribute to successful performance, according to the Institute of Directors in its guide to well-being at work (2006). They comment that healthy and fit employees are essential to ensuring a company remains efficient and profitable. CIPD research shows that health and well-being in the workplace is steadily rising up the business agenda as more employers recognise the benefits and contribution that can be made by introducing workplace health and wellness policies. ”


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